Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bandung Grand Mosque

Bandung Grand Mosque
Jl. Asia-Afrika, Bandung 40251, Indonesia

Beautiful mosque
Huge and beautiful mosque. The tile is from high quality marble, the place for wudhu also huge. Mosque side yard from synthetic grass.

Not Nice
This is just a waste of time visiting this mosque. None of us was interested in visiting any mosque! 

Got the chance to come by and it was raining that day.
Please take ur shoes along with you if you want to enter the mosque.
Nice as in the picture and also very beautiful layout inside.
A must go if you're a muslim.

a nice to visit spot
this is a mosque, so you might spend a visit there to do a religious activities, or just go there to visit their artificial grass field. Lot of people visit there in the morning and afternoon to sport activitiess.

Big & Beautiful
Bandung Grand Mosque is the heart of the city, not just because it holds the religious and historical importance but also because it forms core of the area which is centre of all important activities. It has main market on one side (Alun-alun Barat Street) and one of the biggest malls of the city and on other side is the Afro-Asia diplomatic area (Asia-Afrika Street) for which Bandung has been known in recent diplomatic history. Mosque is know for its grandeur and rich architecture. Two sides have two minarets, each 81 metres high. Right in front of the mosque is a big garden and I have never seen such a big public garden made of artificial turf. It happens a nice pace for local peoples to gather. Specially in evenings the area looks beautiful.

Comfortable place to get closer to God
The location is in the center of town. It's a very large mosque, artistic and has a large yard with artificial turf. Can bring the kids play in the wide yard while waiting for the time to worship.

It's a big mosque
It's a big mosque indeed, but i saw many people sleeping around it, which is quite bothersome, and some of them were even doing inappropriate things on the field.. and the field itself was a bit dirty and need further cleaning, but overall, it's a nice place to pray for moslem people :)

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