Saturday, May 27, 2017

Braga Street, Bandung - Indonesia

Braga Street
Enjoy the old town with authentic experience

Braga street is filled with restaurant, bar, and cafe. You can choose wether you like to drink or eat or just talking with your friend. I actually like walking in here at night.

This is Braga, 1001 Night
Braga was an area full of history about the Netherland and Indonesia, so you can get historical tour about Bandung City offers. Now you can meet various place to eat, hangout and just chill here with a unique building the heritage from Netherland era. 1001 Night in Braga because its place that never rest offer you many club, bar and restaurant. Walking in Braga Street would never been bored.

Old city style but nice
dont forget to visit braga when visit Bandung! place are good. old design and you feel like flashback in 80' many restaurant arround

Classic Rock Cafe
For 70's 80's rock mania, there's a café called Classic Rock café at Intersection of Braga Street. The place a little small and cramped, the food and drinks are so so, however the tunes played by the band (usually star at 21 pm) are great

A bit too crowded and busy
Although it is the landmark for Bandung, we find it a bit too busy and hectic with many people hanging around by the street-side and teenagers loitering around the area at night. Maybe not suitable for family with kids

night sight seeing
legendary street in Bandung some cafe and restaurant also painting and art work need more some attractive shop or faciities. Night life starts here. Lots of restaurants, pubs, cafes etc. Buildings are nicely decorated or painted.

Good place for hang out
Braga street well known for its exotic and ambience. Its a good place for hang out with your friend n family. So many cafe, resto, handcraft and paintings. You can find so many art deco buildings here and I really love to visit this place

nice if not in a rainy day
walking during night is very nice, lots of restaurant, and cafe. Old town area. Unfortunately when I visited it was a rainy day so, it is hard to walk on the side walk without getting wet. Perhaps if the local government should provide the canopy

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