Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cihampelas Walk, Bandung - Indonesia

Cihampelas Walk 
Jln. Cihampelas no. 160, Bandung 40131, Indonesia
+62 22 2061122

Good shopping destination
About 10mins from Bandung Airport. A long street with many shops on the sides. 

This is a 2-story street, where the upper level has many cabins that sell clothes, food, etc. Ciwalk Mall is right next to this street. Not all clothes sold here are of high quality, but you can find some if you explore the shops. Note that this is a very busy street, and the traffic here is terrible.

Great outdoor shopping
Great open space for walking, shopping and dinning. Lots to see and an open plan. The main area has a large selection of restaurant s. If your looking for bargains on shopping, some of the shops on the outskirts(surrounding streets) seem to have better deals.

Park-Based Mall
Three stories mall with a lot of open space. Basic Indonesian neccessities were there (JCo, Starbucks, Groceries - Yogya, Dept. Store - Yogya, ChaTime, Fastfood - KFC and Wendys, and Cheap Food - Abnormal, Bakso Bujangan, and Yogya Express). Frequently used as events location. Might be a goodplace to park your car for skywalk. 

Mall with a unique concept
So, this is not my first time to came here. If you bored with the Mall a storied building concept and too closed, you have to come here. because this Mall was made with unique design so i think you will not bored and have a new experience #OutdoorMall

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