Saturday, May 27, 2017

Geology Museum, Bandung - Indonesia

Jl. Diponegoro 57, Bandung 75601, Indonesia
+62 22 7203822

Best Museum in Bandung
This place , absolutely a-must-see place in bandung, Very good location, near the Famous "Gedung Sate" and "Gasibu Field". Easy access, and the best things, there is a huge full replica of T-Rex Fossil with 10 feet height.

Must see if you are interested in geological things.

The collection is complete
The collection is complete, from Jurassic era until modern era. There is a big T-rex skeleton which make my children very excting.

Fun and Educative
Cheap, many informations, still interesting even if you've revisited this place several times, located near Gedung Sate so you can come here then take a walk around

Educative & Fun
Explore the history of earth & learn more about the earth itself through this museum. It's collection consist since the Dutch colonials era of Indonesia, through the Japanese, until now. The museum also shows dinosaurs fossils & earthquake simulator. Good to educate young kids. 

Pre-history in Modern Era
Coming to the place to answer all of the curiousity. The ticket is really cheap, only Rp 5.000 per person. They have tons of prehistory things inside. A mammoth fossil, located in the middle of the musseum, is a favorite photo spot. Please come here if you're in Bandung for a different travelling experiences.

Mildly interesting but everything is in Bahasa
Worth a quick visit, especially if you're into science stuff and can understand Bahasa Indonesia. Unfortunately I can't speak the lingo so I spent about half an hour in the museum. The exhibits were interesting and the museum is spread over two floors. It would be good if the museum could put up signs and explanations in English for some of the key exhibits, that would attract more tourists

A good place to spend your holiday
Its a good place for gain more knowledge about history and this place is a nice place to bring your childern because they can learn more here

Good Museum
The museum have good arrangement and told us about history of human and earth ...good to get more education out of school and easy to remember instead of history lesson in school
Bandung is a cultural city. There is many museums. I had the chance to see this museum. Small place but well organized. A lot of skulls showing the development of human race in Indonesia. Different stones but nothing particular. The most attractive feature is the mammoth skeleton in the main hall.

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