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Museum of The Asian-African Conference - Bandung Indonesia

Jl. Asia Afrika no. 65, Bandung 40111, Indonesia

History Of Bandung
You can visit this place and learn the history of Bandung and one of our country finding father. Make sure to hire a guide. 

Historical yet heart rendering
Pieces of history with exact replica of great politicians like Nehru, Soekarno. the meeting dais and other artifacts are good to see. You can start very early for a quieter visit. 

Terrific Historical Palace in Bandung
This palace was Great, with free Ticket we just need to sign for attendance. with interactive monitor, we can know anything about Asia and Afrika State. 

Interesting but still needs improvement
It's an interesting museum about Asian African Conference which were held for the first time at 1955. The entrance itself is somewhat tricky, even when I first arrived there I doubted that it is opened. The museum itself is clean, all the memorabilia were well-kept, but the atmosphere itself is rather dark and empty. Before you exit the building you'll pass the main conference room, and you can watch movie about the conference itself in this room.

A must for those who are interested in Indonesian History
The Asia Africa museum shows the first conference of independent states in 1955 initiated by President Sukarno.

Can be better, please scale up
This should be one of most famous landmark of Bandung City.
Historical moments of Asian African Conference in 1955 well kept here. The main ballroom for conference and the museum side by side and connected.The documentary film surely can be more attractive. The guide did not have proper loudspeaker so group of visitors cannot listen properly. Such a pity. And the other exhibit items was not interactive enough. Outdoor surrounding was well kept, clean and equipped with bench along the sidewalk.
Wasn't aware of this until I saw it walking along, free, very interesting if you enjoy looking into the history of the area you are in. Building itself is also quite cool. Nice pleasant way to spend 30 minutes to an hour.

Museum Asia Africa
Just a museum for remembering the Asian African Conference. In front of the building lots of local tourist take pictures with local artist with action figures costume night and day. Banks near these area

Closed on 12 AM
It's nice to know the history of Asia Africa Conference, the building is clean enough, but it's closed everyday on 12 AM to 1 PM

Interesting place of history
For people interested in history of Indonesia and post colonial time this muesum is a must to see. It pays tribute to the founders of Indonesia as well.

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