Saturday, May 27, 2017

Patenggang Lake, Bandung - Indonesia

Patenggang Lake
Jl. Raya Ciwidey-Rancabali, | Desa Situ Patengan, Bandung 40973, Indonesia

Small lake with absolutely wonderful view
I was there with my wife, looking for a romantic cheap natural place. to reach this place, that's a pretty long way from center of bandung, by motorcycle it tooks around 2 hours, with car it could be longer as it should pass a moderate traffic along the way there. 

But hen you reach there, the view is awesome, a chillingly fresh air, with smoggy view of lake, and they have a small "saung" if you want to take a rest, right in front of the lake.

Stinks but is pretty
Go early in the morning to avoid traffic and crowd. It stinks of sulphur in the later part of the morning. Nice photo-taking spots but didn't see any other tourist attractions like boats etc. 

Nice again travelling to beauty lake
Get bored in routines there is such a way to eliminate them. Let's enjoy the beauty lake surrounding tea plantation. At the mountain region very high altitude in the southern of Bandung you would feel deep cold sensation and you need a sweater when you get there. Clean and calm lake surrounding by mountain and a lot of traditional boat w/without would bring you around the lake. Good for family and coyples You will not be dissappointed, don't miss it.

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