Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trans Studio Bandung

Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto no. 289, Bandung 40273, Indonesia
+62 286 012555

Awesome indoor theme park
I was going there for spending my spare time, it was a large indoor theme park. many kinds of attractions there. but hen i was there, the place was very crowded, not so comfortable especially on the lower floor. but if you wanna taste the theme park experience in bandung, it's the only place

Suitable for family or friend or company group
if you haven't visit such place with many rides and need your courage, well, this is one of them you should try.. many rides take your addrenalin and your fantasy. corner of children area is also fun and challenge.

Experience stay in hotel Trans Studio Bandung
Nice hotel ! Nice restaurant ! Delicious food. At the weekend, mostly bad traffic to go to the hotel. Nice place for family and kids. Swimming pool with warm water. Good !

Inside Disneyland
The attractions similar with Genting (malaysia) .... the ticket was expensive which compare to the attraction which was not as many as in Dufan with same price ... the good thing was it is inside so not hot and have a trans mall also

Interesting Theme Park
Rides was good and so were the F&B outlets within the theme park. there were a variety of rides in the theme park. the place was extremely huge. half day would be sufficient here
Yea its a fine amazing amusement Park - and mainly for Kids and the young generation. If you have a Family - yes please visit and don't miss it - they will be happy. Could also confuse partially with a shopping mall ... hahaha

Amazing Place
I spend my weekend with my friends at Trans Studio Bandung. Wow... amazing!! They have some various game zone and its very attractive. You have to try it guys.... The roller coaster was amazing

Kids enjoy it here
From ages 2-13 years old will enjoy the time or day here. Although it is more suitable for 7-13 years old group type. Staff were friendly and helpful. Snacks and drinks available throughout the floors. From coffee (Coffee Beans) to ice cream (baskin robins)
Alternative Educational Entertainment Place for Children
This our first visit to Trans Studio Bandung. We arrived at 08.30 and we were lucky because we were there when the facility starting open..they gave us "welcome party"..we felt great... My daughter almost played and visited all the games or spots inside the theme

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