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Download Kolotibablo Bot Android Full Offline

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Download Kolotibablo Bot Android Full Offline, klik di bawah :

The app will offer you easy tasks which you can do online and get paid! For example: help blind people read text on an image or collect some information on a given topic on the Internet.

About feedback: if you experiencing any troubles or have a suggestion, please tell us particularly in a review section. Thanks in advance!

Update 14.10.2017. Google removed our KB Bot plugin from their webstore. From now on you'll have to update KB bot manually to keep it up-to-date and to be able to solve new types of captchas such as FunCaptcha.

09.10.2017. Attention to those of you who is using UNOFFICIAL Kolotibablo applications/plugins/etc. Use of these apps is strongly forbidden! We will ban your account and block your funds immediately in case we find such activity. Use only our official applications and plugins that you may find on our website. We warned you!

23.08.2017. New distribution algorithm is in place. It is now calculated using several metrics, each of them has its own weight for image captchas and recaptchas. Weights may be probably adjusted later. Check out captcha priority information page.

17.08.2017. Captcha distribution is now based on user's rating. This means the more captchas you enter monthly, the higher priority you get while waiting for a captcha task. Keep working on a single account to achieve maximum priority. More improvements are coming.

28.07.2017. We stopped working with payment provider due to unclarified status of their business. In the past we were able to receive payments from our customers through this system, but since their latest acquirement our account is still under review. We don't recommend anyone to work with this service at the moment and withdraw your remaining funds immediately if you have any.

13.06.2017. 1. We move towards multi-type tasking platform and we changed the way how unattentive employees get banned. Starting from today accounts can be banned only at each type of task. Such employee simply stops receiveing these tasks and still has access to other types of tasks.
2. Payments for recaptchas are now transferred directly to protected balance. Payments for image captchas still need to go through accumulating balance.
3. However all these changes require more strict quality checks and to prevent fraud we increased minimum amount of funds transfer to 0.5 USD.

17.05.2017. Bug with Translation Factory training has been fixed.
13.05.2017. Hanged Bitcoin payouts with 0 confirmations will return on balances today. We'll have to raise minimum payout amount in Bitcoins due to high commission fee nowadays. To send 0.003 BTC we had to pay 0.002 commission, which is not acceptable.
04.03.2017 You may now disable/enable any type of task. We launched new feature - solving Recaptcha via Web interface in your browser. Follow simple steps above on the start page to make it available. Recaptchas are solved very quickly there and we pay usual Recaptcha rate for it.
02.03.2017 Endless Recaptcha solved, but it requires more time to load each captcha. As a temporary solution we made possible to solve several recaptchas at the same time.
01.03.2017. Fixing issues with slow/endless Recaptcha. Please use our latest release when it is available.
08.02.2017. Fixed issues with slow Recaptcha images.
02.12.2016. App stability greatly improved. We have lots of work for high bids there. Download now!
11.09.2016. You may now spend your Recaptcha Points to remove errors! 

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