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Mining Bitcoin Gratis 30 Ghs Bisa Payout

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Mining bitcoin gratis 30 Ghs bisa payout
Mining bitcoin gratis 30 Ghs bisa payout, klik di bawah :
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Can I withdraw funds without an investment? 
Yes. As soon as the minimum amount is typed, you can withdrawal.
What is the minimum power to buy?
The minimum power is 1 Gh\s
What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USD or 0.001 BTC
I made a withdrawal of funds in BTC but the funds did not come and the transaction status is "Pending". What is it?
When you withdraw funds to BTC, the transaction does not happen instantly (as in the case of USD), but after 3 network confirmations. The process can take up to 24 hours, but more often - 20-30 minutes. If after 24 hours the withdrawn funds did not come to your wallet - write a problem to the support service about the problem.
Can I create more than one account?
Yes you can. But consider the fact that the gift power (30 Gh\s) does not participate in the affiliate program is not distributed to users above you.
Where can I see statistics on my referrals?
Statistics on referrals is in the section "Affiliate Program" in the personal account on the "Statistics of Referrals" tab.
For what reason can my account be blocked?
The account is blocked if suspicious activity was detected in it. For example: searching for opportunities to "wind up" the balance or assigning capacities, aggressive reverse-engineering code.
What should I do if my account is blocked?
In case your account is locked. The corresponding messages will appear in your account in the support section. There you can ask support questions and apply for application unlock.
Does the accumulation of funds continue when I lock my account?
Yes, the accumulation of funds continues. And if the account was blocked by mistake, after unzipping, you can withdraw the accumulated funds. During the account lockout, all the functions of the personal cabinet are available, in addition to purchasing capacity and withdrawing funds.
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