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      Taicang Kailin paint Co., Ltd.
      About Us

      Taicang Kailin Paint Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company integrated of scientific research, production, selling and technical service. Our company is located in Taicang Changfu Industrial Park in Shanghai Economic Zone, covering 30,000 square meters. We have annual production capacity of 10,000 tons. Our company produces “Kaiming” brand marine paint, industrial heavy anti-corrosion coating, high temperature resistant paint, container coating, industrial novelty finish and resin in full specifications. After 20 years’ development, our company has accumulated advanced production equipment, complete testing instrument and professional after-sale service system. In addition, there are experienced experts and professors and skilled senior engineers. We provide all customers with high quality products with high cost performance. Our products have been applied in shipbuilding, harbor machinery, nuclear energy, water conservancy project, petrochemical engineering and bridge construction fields.
      Our company passes international quality management system lSO9001:2008 and international environmental management system ISO14001:2004 authentication. In 2009, our company passed production licence of industrial products, CCS authentication certificate. Since establishment, we have been awarded of many honor titles, such as, State Quality Stability Honor Certificate, Jiangsu Observe Contracts and Keep Promises Enterprise, Provincial Famous Brand. “Kaiming” brand trademark won Suzhou Famous Trademark Title in 2009, Jiangsu Famous Trademark Title in 2010 and Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise in 2013.
      Relying on economic globalization and informational industrialization, we have gained great achievements in operation and brand establishment aspects. Our company cooperates with many domestic famous corporation, for example, Yangpu Bridge, Baosteel, Shanghai Jiangnan Shipbuilding Plant, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Xiaolangdi Dam Project, Three Gorges Project, Yunnan Jinghong Water-power Engineering, Aoshan Oil Depot and Asia Aluminum Industry.
      In future, Taicang Kailin Oil Paint Co., Ltd. would like to cooperate with wide friends and create brilliance together insisting on principle of “quality first, reputation first, customer first and sincere service”.

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